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Want to steal the limelight from Lime? Or maybe you want to jump on Jump's bandwagon? You could even have bigger and better ideas for an e-scooter or bike sharing and tracking business? AllRide Bike is where your ideas come to life.

We have a dynamic, ready-to-go transport software solution that we can skin with your branding and add your unique features to give you the tech to take the bike or e-scooter sharing world by storm.

Typically, you can expect our software solutions to boost your revenues by at least 50%. Just sayin!


Which Cab Ride Solution Do You Need?

Escooter solution

Those self-powered scooters are becoming a more common sight on streets and pavements all over the world. We'll help you cash-in on their popularity through our robust and ready to go web-based solutions, including user and management apps.

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E-bike Ride Solution

Want to help the world leave the car at home and get more exercise? We can help you rival Jump, even reach higher than them, with bike software solutions that'll encourage the rise of pedal power through on-demand riding and sharing.

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Top Features Of Our Escooter Solutions

Auto Payments

Give your customers the flexibility and freedom to ride first and pay later through an easy app that promotes safe and enjoyable bike or e-scooter journeys. Default payment methods can be established before or after booking the vehicle, with payments handled by reliable names in the field. We're talking PayPal, CCAvenue, Google and Apple Pay.

Ebike auto payment
Ebike real time tracking
On-The-Go Bookings & Real-Time Tracking

Let your riders book their preferred bike or e-scooter in a few easy steps. GPS integration that automatically detects the user's location will make it easy to find their nearest available set of wheels.

Comprehensive Control Panel

Whoever's responsible for running the show can do so using a web-based control panel. It lets you:

  • View the location of all your bikes and/or scooters
  • Interact with customers
  • View revenues
  • Add more features as per your requirements
Ebike comprehenshive ctrl
Ebike vehicle health
Keep Your Vehicles Healthy

If a bike gets a puncture or a scooter's battery is running low, your control panel will alert you to the problem and show you where the vehicle is so you can send in your mechanics!

Anti-Theft Protection

Don't be worried about your stock of bikes or scooters being depleted by thieves. AllRide Bike solutions give you comprehensive protection against theft:

  • Get instant notifications when vehicles stray outside permitted boundaries
  • Receive alerts if attempts are made to forcibly unlock a bike or e-scooter
Ebike anti theft

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Viapool app screen

Yes, we like Lime and think Bird's brilliant, so much so, that they've inspired our own white label e-scooter app. It can be easily adapted to form the basis of your technologically advanced software solution too.

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AllRide Bike FAQs

Will AllRide's app solutions suit a small scooter sharing start-up?
Totally. Our tech is scalable, so no matter the size of your business now, or however big it might get, the technology can handle it.
How long before I get my e-scooter software?
That depends on a lot of variables. Yes, 7-day delivery is possible, but it depends on your requirements and the size of your company. Our experienced team don't hang around, though, so you can be sure we'll deliver as fast as possible.
And my scooter sharing app can be customized?
Yes, the basis for the app comes off the shelf, but it's flexible enough to take your own branding and your choice of features, so you can really stamp your mark on it and make it yours.
Can you help with getting the software to market too?
That's part of our service. We'll get your apps on iTunes and Google Play when they're ready. Your admin panel and back end set-up can be hosted on your preferred server. AWS is ours because it&'s the most reliable, but it's up to you!
How we are different from other similar Transport App Solutions?
Captivating UI/UX designs solutions to enrich your website UI & Interactive Apps. Free post delivery support for a month to make your app compatible with the latest version of the operating system. Solution ready in 5 days as we have few ready-made solutions. Multi-Lingual support that allows you to use different, translated versions of your taxi app 53 different languages. Multi-currency support for multiple currencies, independent of the site’s languages.

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Stop putting off becoming your own boss and making your idea for a bike ride or scooter ride business a reality. With the help of the AllRide E-Bike solution, start-up costs will be cheaper than building from scratch, and you can be confident you're getting tech that's tried and tested.

What's more, you can even see the tech in action before you invest. How good is that?

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